Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Social Drinking Excellence: Paz de la Huerta

You know, I typically like to space these out by a week or two. But this is the third great display of public drunkeness in the past week (and this time with video, no less!), and I feel it's my duty to share it with you. Though I think I also may be in danger of spoiling you.

This is a rare case of the Rummy recipient being a pseudo-celebrity. Seems the "Boardwalk Empire" vixen was de la Hurtin after the People's Choice Awards ceremony, to the point where she was denied entry to the after party by the bouncer. Then, after visiting another party, she (a.) tripped and fell while trying to walk towards a cab, and (b.) walked around with her titty out like she was on the video set for a Janet Jackson and Lil Kim collabo [I'm sure the fellas will be disappointed to find out that the nudity in question is blurred out in the video; but luckily, Paz shows much less modesty on "Boardwalk Empire", having shown her fine form in many of the first season's episodes].

From the Daily Mail (which gives a fantastic full account of the events):
The doorman is seen saying to her, 'I can't let you in', to which she replies, 'But my friends are in there.'

He then helps her into her waiting car, where, from the looks of the video, she is driven to another party.

The video then cuts her to leaving another venue as she holds on to a male friend for support, who is trying to guide her through the cameras.But moments later she slips and falls into the [curb], as one photographer is heard saying, 'yep, that was the one I was waiting for.'

However, despite her drunken state - and exposing her left breast - she still managed to sign an autograph and tell a waiting reporter that she thought Ricky Gervais was funny.

According to reports, Paz was said to have been drinking steadily right the way through the Golden Globes ceremony which might explain why she didn't join her castmates on stage as they posed with their two [awards].

What a trooper. Drunk as a sorority girl at a formal, she still signs a fan's autograph and defends Gervais.

Paz, I typically hand out these Rummy Awards as sort of a boozing dunce cap. But I'm almost proud of your antics here (the fact that you're hot and have more curves than the letter S is helping you with the judges, of course). Your award's in the mail, along with a box of Alka Seltzer and knee pads.

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