Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Social Drinking Excellence: London Gentleman

Ever had one of those nights where no matter what you drank, you felt like you just weren't getting anywhere?

...Okay, so that's not quite what happened to this guy. His drinking definitely got him to where he wanted to go mentally, even if it didn't exactly work out that way physically. Bravo, nameless sir...
  1. This scene took place this past Friday at the Tottenham Court Road subway station in London. And it just serves as yet another reminder: I have got to get to London before I'm too old to fully enjoy it. You don't want to be in your sixties and walking the wrong way on an escalator-turned-treadmill. Then you'd just look silly.
  2. That was incredibly nice of that woman to try so hard to help a stranger. An American gal would probably have posed next to him while her friends snapped pictures. ...And then robbed him.
  3. What do you think hurt more for this guy on Saturday morning: his head or his thighs?
  4. ...Actually, it may have been his pride, shortly after a friend called and said, "So I was surfing YouTube, and..."
  5. It was certainly a valid bit of problem solving by his heroine, when she suggested they stop the escalator. But I would have expected a sudden stop to send him Peter Griffin'ing down the steps.
  6. So he got stuck going the wrong way on an escalator? Big whoop. I almost fell into a river. Top that, Nigel Powers.

Your Rummy is on its way to England, Nigel. It'll be waiting for you at the other end of a moving walkway—if you can find your way across.

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