Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"That dog'll hunt..."

Pennsylvania is a little archaic when it comes to its laws on alcohol. And while it has made some strides towards modernization in recent years, those attempts haven't always been awe-inspiring. But for once, it appears they may have just struck upon an idea that emphasizes functionality and efficiency.

From KDKA:
And that’s not all a new iPhone app developed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board can do.

The Fine Wine and Good Spirits App is free and allows you to find the stores nearest to you. It also lists the alcohol that’s on sale and maps out which stores have those items in stock.

If you go to a restaurant and order a wine that you like, you can use the app to scan the bar code on the bottle and find out if it’s available in Pennsylvania and how much it costs. Then you can use the app to find the stores closest to you that carry it.

I'm shocked to say that I'm actually impressed by something the PA Liquor Control Board has done. If you've never lived here, the best way I can describe the feeling: Imagine saying back in 2006, "George W. Bush and his administration has really made a smart, socially-conscious move." I can't wait for the Android version to be released. No more scavenger hunts around the city in search of my beloved St. Germain; now I can have it shipped right to my door, along with all the other re-ups of my hooch supply. Hell, if I were to get a well-paying job that would let me work from home, I'd never have to leave.

...It's been nice knowing y'all.


TD said...

Isn't this great?!

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