Friday, March 2, 2012

Table Games

One of the bigger drawbacks to growing older is being forced to give up some of the fun you had in your younger days. Once you're finally in a place where you can afford all of the good booze—so long Beast, hello Sam Adams!—getting snockered on it during an epic, all-day Madden tournament is suddenly uncouth. Why should growing up mean giving up?

The folks at Man Tables [official site] have your back. Their finely-crafted end tables give the sophisticated appearance that peer pressure from the 9-5 world dictates you uphold, but beneath the surface lies a fully-functional mini fridge that any hardworking fella deserves.

Just imagine being able to watch the bowl games and not have to get up and grab another beverage from the kitchen. In this scenario both the man and the gentleman are appeased. The man is happy with his beverage in hand, while the gentleman is quietly satisfied knowing that his brother does not have one.

The Man Tables are available in three finishes; Tobacco, Espresso, and Black. Each of the three finishes are paired with hardware that accents the woods shine and luster. We offer the tables to be picked up or shipped anywhere in the U.S.
Simple, but brilliant. It's like having a career woman for a wife, who comes home and pulls off her power suit to reveal a French maid outfit. Sadly, those are much more difficult to find...and to afford. But at least now you can enjoy a cold beer from your end table during breaks in your search.

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