Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Science

I absolutely abhor Valentines Day. But, if you're lucky enough to have found a wifey who will truly appreciate the magic of beer-infused chocolates, then I suppose it's worth sacrificing your common sense for one day and treating her to this delicious package from Beercandy.

From Thrillist:
Recognizing the harmonious balance between beer & candy, then spending literally no time thinking of a name, Beer Candy.

Created by a CA home-brewer whose first effort turned a bitter lambic into a sticky lolli-hop, Beercandy’s pulled together a package of their sweetest goods, and’ll hand it over for just $35. Here’s what you get:
  • 12 assorted caramels: Gooey fillings homemade with different brews (stout, IPA, raspberry lambic...), then covered with white, milk, or dark chocolate chosen to set off the suds’ specific notes
  • Bag of taffy + bag of HopDrops: A beery version of the timeless chewy indulgence, and bittersweet hard candies made with real hop oil
  • 6-pack cooler: A branded satchel, so you’ll never have to go anywhere without cold ones, which once Beyonce had to be, and you always have to drink.
Though, if she's really a keeper, she'll want to skip the gifts and candy, buy a bottle of good scotch, and spend an evening together trying to break every bed, couch, table, and counter in her place. Alas, a good woman is just so hard to find.

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