Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Here's a little decor touch for your mancave or bachelor pad: Custom-made drink coasters featuring labels of various beer and whiskey brands. BaxtersWorkshop is a small side business for a Kentucky couple (Hilary and Stephen Seaman), who make each coaster by hand. For a small additional charge they can add magnetic strips to the coasters, so that they can be easily stored on the side of your refrigerator. They can also make coaster sets out of vintage album covers, your personal photographs, etc. Making your guests use a coaster is a lot easier when the coaster's coolness distracts them from the fact that you're being an anal prick.

...And yes, I'll be placing an order shortly.

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Stephen Seaman said...

THESE ARE MY COASTERS! Thanks for the awesome post about them - write me at baxtersworkshop@gmail.com and I will make you some at a discounted price - THANKS!