Tuesday, August 16, 2011

National Rum Day

Today is National Rum Day. And, strangely, I knew nothing of this until TJ emailed me earlier this afternoon. I really need to have a calendar made that denotes all of these tragically-overlooked days of reverance. How is anyone who drinks rum supposed to remember when the day comes around to celebrate rum?

And, of course, I don't have any rum at home. And I'm low-dough until Friday. So, to celebrate, I'm granting everyone a special exemption from the Rummy Award today. It only makes sense. Just make sure the daring 3 a.m. grocery store break-in and ensuing low speed police chase are the work of rum, and not something like tequila or bourbon. Then all bets are off.

Now if only Rosario Dawson would show up at my place with a bottle of DonQ...

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