Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taking it to the Head

I was reading through the most recent issue of Playboy [Yes, I actually read the articles, too; just what kind of horndog do you take me for? ...Wait, don't answer that], when a letter to the "Playboy Advisor" caught my eye. You know I love a good beer, but this is one particular microbrew that I can honestly say I haven't tried...yet:
My girlfriend and I like to drink beer during sex. While kissing, I might pass her a mouthful of beer or vice versa. Before going down on her I take a gulp, place my lips around her pussy and force the beer into her. She says she likes the cooling and filling sensation. The beer comes back to me, twofold it seems, and sometimes I share it with her. We do this often. She has had no ill effects, but could this alcohol douche cause problems? We would hate to give it up, but I love her too much to chance hurting her.—C.W., Orlando, Florida
I've had a lot of sex that involved beer, but nothing like this. The Advisor's response was to exercise a "pint of caution", as there are many harmful side effects that can result from C.W.'s love games, for both her and him—including the potential for causing an embolism by blowing into his girlfriend like he's inflating an inner tube.

Maybe I'll just stick to drinking shots out of women's cleavage.

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