Monday, June 6, 2011

Social Drinking Excellence: Dane Sardinha

I really have nothing witty to offer here. Sardinha's only real faux pas—aside from the terrible tattoos—appears to be taking a few moments to relax amidst his wash-away-losing-to-the-Pirates boozing on Saturday night. This can really just be filed in the "Professional athletes are just people, too" section of alcoholic exploits.

From Deadspin:
Journeyman catcher Dane Sardinha was seen decompressing like a champion at August Henry's early Sunday morning, which is typical behavior after anyone is forced to backstop a Kyle Kendrick emergency start. Even though Sardinha went hitless in the Phillies loss to the Pirates, he probably made solid wood contact later that evening if his forehead thumped that bar rail. Our tipster (Nick, we'll call him) says Sardinha was tipsy but I prefer to think he was privately texting Kendrick some thoughtful observations about his mechanics.

Dane, your Rummy's in the mail. Next time you visit Pittsburgh, you can use it as a pillow.

TJ with the assist.

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