Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fail Tale

My first thought was to make this a "Social Drinking Excellence" post, but two things changed my mind:
  1. I can't verify that this guy was drunk when he did this.
  2. There's not a whole lot of story here, just a horrible fail.
Not only that, but he dropped and wasted beer. And I simply cannot reward such crimes against humanity.

From Tampa Bay Online:
Authorities are looking for a bungling beer bandit who stumbled during the getaway, dropping his purloined potables.

Polk County sheriff's detectives are seeking information about a man stole two cases of Bud Light from the E-Z Food Store at 15 Acuff Road on Wednesday.

The man ran out of the store with the beer but apparently tripped over his own low-hanging pants. He dropped the beer but dived into the back seat of a waiting black Chevy Malibu that then sped off.

Rumors that Racktacular was the getaway driver have yet to be substantiated.

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