Monday, May 23, 2011

The Liquid Diet

Sometimes simply drinking your booze isn't quite enough. While at least one of the five items on this list of alcoholic dishes is sure to be well-known among our readers, the others look intriguing. Especially the first one:
Gin paper

Is there anything more useless than a cocktail napkin? Well, bartender Ryan Moore decided to fix that by making the napkin out of gin. It all started with a mistake. According to The Daily, Moore, a bartender at Rogue 24 in Washington, D.C., was trying to concoct an alcohol foam to place over food when he accidentally heated and created a thin film that, when dried, turned into a thin, solid paper made entirely of gin and cellulose. Just don’t try to write your phone number on it.
I think they may have made a mistake, however: They omitted Chef Matt Levin, whose culinary exploration of Four Loko is certainly worthy of consideration.

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