Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thirst Games

In general, I loathe the whole "how to pick up women at the bar" column-fodder. First of all, I don't go to bars to pick up women. I go to have a drink or ten with my friends. If the other stuff becomes part of the night late afternoon brunch, then cool. [Which, as you'll see shortly, is actually the best way to get results, virtually rendering this whole video pointless.] To me, a tutorial on how to meet girls at the bar is as useful as a manual for how to buy a scratch-off lotto ticket at a gas station while filling your tank. Second, the people who do concern themselves with this topic have something askew in their basic understanding of the world in total, and probably won't do well in the one-on-one conversation required to complete their goal. (If you actually have to be told not to use pick-up lines, then you have no grasp on reality whatsoever.)

All of that being said, I'll give credit to Buzzfeed for a somewhat novel approach to the idea: Interviewing the people who see more sloppy-drunk game than anyone else—the bartenders. This probably should have just been a clip of these barkeeps telling some of their favorite tales about guys hitting on women in the bar. That would have been infinitely more useful, but que sera sera...

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