Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wifey Material: ...

...whoever this angel may be. Let's consider all of the qualities she's displayed for us:
  • She's sexy (I mean, call me shallow. But...that's the first thing guys see.)
  • She's faithful. (Who did she have sex with in this ad? No one, right?)
  • She got shit taken care of for her man. (All you want, as a guy, is a woman who will take care of any detail and/or home-related duty that you don't. And, in this case, the man left his woman with the task of cleaning on this particular day. And she found a way to accomplish that without actually having to work hard. Call me crazy, but that sounds like innovation to me.)

I'm so in love. In my heart, I want a woman who will be out there climbing corporate ladders just like me. But...I won't lie; there's something sooooo sexy about her "Everything is resolved, I took care of your home while you were gone" demeanor. It's submissive, sure. But...yeah.

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