Thursday, May 2, 2013

"This is most certainly the drone you're looking for..."

From The Daily Meal:
While Outside Lands and the Great GoogaMooga might have dibs on the best beer selections at music festivals, they don't have drones delivering cans to the exact spot you're standing. Perhaps this is where South African music festival OppiKoppi takes the edge?

According to this video (and the festival's Twitter feed), festival officials are working to create a beer-delivery drone system, which will parachute a beer to specific coordinates. Currently, the drone is hand-guided, but it will eventually fly on a GPS grid.

I like where their heads are at—I do. I just have one question:

A music festival full of young, drunk, stoned knuckleheads and a solitary can of cold beer falling from the do you see this one playing out?

If you're not sure where I'm going with this, don't worry; Jessica Chou at Daily Meal is already there:
Of course, we wish beer would just materialize as we're huddled up in the front, waiting for our favorite band to take the stage, but we imagine that any beer-delivering device from air will result in bonked heads, lost beer, and ensuing fights over who has the right to that brew.
Maybe they should focus employing this technology at someplace a little more relaxed, like a beachside bar?

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