Friday, May 10, 2013

The Zane Train

Zane Lamprey is one of my heroes. Two seconds into the pitch video below, you'll know why.

I loved—and still love—Three Sheets, I rue that I haven't been able to watch Drinking Made Easy, and I've soaked in the Zane Lamprey Show podcasts. Hell, I've even read his book (Three Sheets "the book") and had Pleepleus riding copilot on my trip to Brewski Fest, where I proceeded to get Steve McKenna'd.

So, obviously, I'm proud to help out his Kickstarter project, especially if it could lead to Zane bringing all of the fun of boozing around the globe (responsibly) back to my life (...responsibly?). I only regret not helping to get the word out sooner. Pleepleus would expect better of me. So here we go. Chug or bust!

So whaddya say, On the Rocks fans? Think this might be something worth backing? Of COURSE it is. Let's help Zane get Chug started off strong by kicking in on the keg.

Only 21 days to go.

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