Monday, September 24, 2012

Shake It Up

I have officially started my 2012 Xmas list. And I'm sure my fellow mixology n00bs will join me in that move after reading this:
Ready for an extra shot of fun? This shaker and dice set is grown-up drinking game for people with a thirst for adventure. It comes with a set of eight wooden dice and a working, 16 ounce cocktail shaker that will help you shake up your drink menu, spontaneously generating unique cocktail combinations--including your brand new favorite!

The dice are marked with a variety of potent "variables", from basic liquors like gin and rum, to fruit juices, seasonings and soda waters. Roll the six colored dice, survey the results and eliminate up to two of them to determine your recipe. Roll the two black and white dice to reveal how your cocktail will be prepared and served. With a new surprise to savor with every use, this set will add an extra kick to your next party, as well as offering a fun way for you to explore your liquor cabinet and expand your mixological expertise.
If you've ever tried creating a new drink of your own, you'll surely appreciate the brilliance of Cocktail Dice. It's like Russian Roulette with booze. How can that possibly go wrong?

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