Monday, September 10, 2012

Jaws of Life

Three and a half years ago, I told you about the Boozing Field Survival Kit. A good bottle opener was the very first item of the kit that I listed, and I still have my trusty opener fastened to my keychain. But that might all change very soon. The folks at Cranky Monkee are here to reinvent the game.
Weighing just 1.14 grams (.04 oz.) KeyShark is the World's lightest keychain bottle opener. That's less than half the weight of a U.S. dime! How did we do it?

Highly engineered using the same sophisticated stress analysis and optimization techniques used to design aircraft tooling, KeyShark is lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable to use. KeyShark uses your own keys for leverage and seamlessly integrates the index or middle finger in optimal position in use. Fabricated from the highest strength tempered aerospace aluminum using a state of the art waterjet cutting process, KeyShark provides minimum weight and maximum performance.
I see you, KeyShark. And, at only $5 (and only $1 for shipping and handling), I plan on seeing you in my mailbox, too. Very soon.

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