Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Wonder If Heaven Got a Hangover

Mobile hangover assistance is nothing new. We've seen a food truck in NYC and a girl in Michigan who needs beer money offer their own services to those enduring bad morning-afters. But neither of these provide true medical solutions for hangovers. What's more, neither of these services are offered in Vegas; and, even if they were, it seems hardly feasible that they'd be able to handle a Vegas hangover. That's a different animal altogether. No, for it, you need something much stronger. Something...clinical. Enter Dr. Jason Bourke and the Hangover Heaven bus.

From CBS News:
"I did two bachelor parties, back-to-back," said Bryan Dalia of Caldwell, N.J., who was in town for a wedding, putting his hand to his forehead as he recalled his marathon afternoon of steins of beer and shots of alcohol the previous day at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, then gambling, dining and drinking martinis at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas resort. He remembered "getting a little lost and finding myself on the floor of the Paris" hotel-casino, then "a few more martinis as I gambled my life away."

"How are you doing now?" medical technician Debra Lund asked.

"Better," he replied as he checked his intravenous fluid bag hanging from the bus' ceiling. "My palms aren't sweating anymore. I don't have that, like, cold sweat feeling anymore." "I'm starting to feel great," Dalia said. "This is really very cool."

Dalia was one of the first patients on hand to receive the free treatment for the rollout day of the mobile hangover center. Burke calls his fledgling business a medical practice on wheels, analogous to a physician with an RV offering X-rays, MRIs or mammograms or a blood bank bus in an office parking lot.
The idea of a return to Vegas later this year has been kicked around by my crew and I. I think I'll start setting aside money for my Hangover Heaven fund right now.

TJ with the assist.

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