Friday, July 12, 2013

Wifey Material: Salma Hayek

I've long had a hard soft spot in my pants heart for Salma, as has most of America. And I'm not just talking about the men; an ex of mine was "bi-curious" (in that she loved having sex with women as well as men but was too scared to call herself bisexual), and kept a sexy picture of Salma on the wall in her bedroom. We had many the metaphysical threesome with her in that room.

And all of that was before I found out the hall-of-fame Latina was a natural at flip-cup.

From E!:
The actress stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday to promote her new film Grown Ups 2, and the funnyman couldn't help but challenge the brunette beauty to a game of flip cup after learning she plays the drinking game "quarters" in the Dennis Dugan-directed flick.

"We're going head to head in the classic drinking game flip cup," Jimmy explained. "Instead of teams, we'll be drinking and flipping ourselves. We each have six cups here. The first to drink the beers and flip all six cups wins."

Salma, who stunned in a black jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, admitted she'd never played the classic college game.

"It's my first time, but I have a suspicion you've been doing this a long time," the actress quipped with her best game face on.

After the pair both fumbled with their first cup, Salma got the hang of the game and proceeded to seamlessly flip all five cups, showing off her skills that could put any frat guy to shame.

"I'm so embarrassed," Jimmy confessed after Hayek totally kicked his butt. "That was unbelievable."
Te amo, Salma. If you're willing to get down on some beer pong, you can be my partner anytime.

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