Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hidden in Plain Sight

I'm a little shocked they didn't go ahead and name this product the CamelToeBak.

From Drinking Made Easy:
There is something though that they will never be able to ban and will most likely not be given a second glance when entering the game, tampons. The Tampon Flask is an ingenious invention that allows you to conceal up to 1 oz of booze per tampon, luckily they come in a pack of 5.
Five ounces may not sound like much, but that's a solid two drinks (if you're mixing them with an occasional Coke or ginger ale) and a shot to supplement the $10 beers the stadiums hock these days.

But, uh, fellas...if you're thinking of trying these out yourself, I suggest at least having a female friend who's willing to pretend that they're hers. Just saying...

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