Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Daydrinker Cometh

Given the amount of drinking that goes on in any given episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [Have you ever noticed this? I mean, seriously...I love those guys.], I'm a little surprised that it took this long for gang from Paddy's Pub to get their own beer.

From Complex Magazine:
Fans of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia can rejoice, because Stone Brewing Company has announced that its first collaboration beer of the new year will be an ode to the irreverent FX comedy. Oh, and it's called Dayman Coffee IPA.

The beer is the work of the aforementioned California-based brewing company, Illinois-based Two Brothers Brewing Co. and Chicago's Aleman. Look for the beer around March...
Sounds perfect for games of Chardee Macdennis.

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