Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wifey Material: Jenna Marbles

She's hot. She parties. She go-go dances. She can actually make you, on purpose. And did I mention she's hot?

Do you need anymore reasons why Jenna Mourey (a.k.a. Jenna Marbles) is of high-quality wifey material? Take it from an oldhead: If you're going to be wifed to a woman, you'd better be sure you can stand to talk to her for more than five minutes. Should she have a great body and pretty face? Well of course. But that stuff eventually fades. If you're under 21, you probably don't realize it, but Madonna used to be the hottest woman in the world. Let that one soak in for a second...Yup. And it happens to everyone. Now that Madonna's looks have left her, and she doesn't have an actual personality to fall back on, well...

Yeah, trust me, you want a girl like Jenna. Because, although she may not be as hot in a bikini as she is now, she'll still be cracking you up when she's 60. And she will probably still be partying and getting hammered like any senior has earned the right to do. She'll probably be the coolest grandmother on the block. Stated.

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u_aint_rite{^___~} said...

no question... PERFECT!!! bring on the faults. I don't give a shit. She's nailing every other trait one swing. Northern chicks are badass!