Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birthday Number 3

Your favorite blog o'drunken tales turned three years old this past Saturday. I had planned on posting something about it that day, but got sidetracked by a hangover.

Sometimes life is pure poetry.

Friday night featured a surprise 30th birthday party for Prince of Ligonier. Somewhere along the way Dupa introduced us all to the "Jager Shake" (and no, it's not a new German dance craze, like I first thought), and our bartender introduced us to the "Mini Beer". And then karaoke at the bar introduced some people to the reality that they won't be the next American Idol.

After waking up the next morning on Prince's couch, I went into his bathroom to take a piss. Halfway through it I thought I was going to pass out. After flushing the toilet I had to put the lid down, take a seat, and splash some cold tap water on my face.

Hopefully some of you will be doing the same tomorrow morning after celebrating our little piece of the net's 3rd birthday tonight. Salud.

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