Thursday, August 5, 2010

The U.S. is Getting it In

According to the latest Gallup Poll, the percentage of Americans who drink alcohol is at its highest level in 25 years. In total, 67% of people across this fair land of ours are tipping back glasses; and among people between the ages of 18 and 54, 72% are imbibing.

Despite some yearly fluctuations, the percentage of Americans who say they drink alcohol has been remarkably stable over Gallup's 71 years of tracking it. The high point for drinking came in 1976-1978, when 71% said they drank alcohol.

The low of 55% was recorded in 1958. When Gallup first asked Americans about drinking, in the waning days of the Great Depression in 1939, 58% of adults said they were drinkers.

*wipes a tear* God bless the U-S-of-A.

Beer has once again topped liquor and wine as the preferred beverage, much as it has since 1992. The lone exception came in 2005, when wine briefly surpassed it in the poll. What happened in 2005 to give wine such a boost, you ask? Well, it's only a theory of yours truly, but I think it's no small coincidence that the Oscar-winning movie "Sideways" was released in January of that year. Vino's reign was short-lived, though; the following year 64% of America declared it was "NOT drinking any fucking Merlot".

While 67% is impressive, we here at On the Rocks like to shoot for perfection. TJ, Dupa, TD, and I have already made happy hour plans for tomorrow night in support of the cause. Let's go America—booze or lose.