Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the Road Again

“Hee – heer – heer- HERE WE GO AGAIN!”

It’s early February, so loyal readers should know what that means at On the Rocks: Big Chief’s birthday, and the prerequisite road trip to Washington, D.C. Last year temperatures hovered around the low 60s and high 50s the entire weekend; this year, they’ve gotten four feet of snow and are expecting another one or two in the coming week. *sigh* You can’t win them all.

There will definitely be a different tone this year: the harsher weather for one, and a slightly smaller travelling assemblage for two. That includes me being among the ranks of the singles in our crew this time around, as compared to last year when I was in the grips of new love. That fact alone almost sidelined me this time around. I’ve worked hard to put the past behind me over the last several months, but the specter of last year’s trip continues to pull at that tiny loose thread in my memory, and as recently as late this afternoon it threatened to completely unravel me. Then Chief stepped in like the brother-from-another-Caucasian-mother that he is and reminded me of my priorities in life with a text message that read: “The focus is to booze! !!!!”

So, so true. And it’s not just the drinking, but the bigger picture that the alcohol and intoxication are a part of: living, enjoying the moment, and enjoying an opportunity with friends that doesn’t come around often as we all get older, each of us watching responsibilities loom larger and larger on our respective horizons.

Here’s to the now, and to making the best of it while we can. Strength and honor.

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