Thursday, May 14, 2009

Absinthe of Judgment

This New York Times article is actually one of TJ's finds—and a great one at that. But he has limited writing and posting time these days, and hinted ever-so-subtly for me to put it up in his stead.

How many of you boys and girls have heard of absinthe? And how many of you have heard of the mythical lore surrounding the effect that "the Green Fairy" has on those who drink it? Stories abound of the once illegal alcohol producing every manner of unwanted side effect, from hallucinations to makeout sessions with your sibling (ala “Eurotrip”). This well-written piece, however, debunks all of those tall tales.
Consider the cast of mythological absinthe drinkers: the vulnerable painter and poet, too sensitive for this mean old world; the tormented soul, unable to snap out of his self-loathing; the rakish hedonist, seeking one big, lurid rush; the wealthy dilettante, dipping a toe in bohemia; and of course, all manner of willing women.

But now absinthe is legal again, and the romance of belle époque naughtiness must give way to what’s in the glass. Pull over, you disillusioned dreamers: with no laws to break, no frissons of danger, let the mystification stop right now.

The authors, in their infinite “generosity” (yes, I’m more than a little jealous), have not only set the record straight regarding absinthe’s magical powers, but have also taste-tested 20 different brands (seriously, how can I apply for this job?), offering a review of the top ten in value.

The NY Times: “Absinthes to Go Mad Over”

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