Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Match Made in Windsor

A quick note for the “On the Rocks” faithful: “Lady Friend” is now “Girlfriend” (ironic that the change in status sounds like a downgrade…I guess you’d have to ask her about that). What was it that finally sold me on committing? Her beauty? Her grace and charm? Her intelligence and wit? Certainly, each of these factors played a significant role in my overall attraction and fondness, and eventually contributed to my pledge of devotion. But what was the final hammer swing that knocked down my wall?

It was the following conversation, which took place after we ate dinner this past Friday:

Me (talking from the kitchen as I make myself a drink): “Do you want something to drink? Coke?”
Her: “Yeah, but just a little bit. *notices me opening a bottle of whiskey* What’s that?”
Me: “I’m going to have a Coke & whiskey. Why, do you want one too?”
Her: *without hesitating* “Make it a whiskey on the rocks, with a splash of water.”

She’s a keeper, folks.

A true “On the Rocks” wifey, though, must have boozing skills well beyond that of the average woman. And so Girlfriend faces her test of fire this weekend: Chief’s 30th birthday celebration, to be held Friday and Saturday in Washington, D.C. This will also mark her introduction to a cast of characters whose exploits have been chronicled on this page in the past, such as Chief, Kim, Finn, Genoa, Breitling, Esq, TD, Baby Joey, Uncle Paulie


Actually, I’m just hoping she’s still around when I wake up Sunday morning.

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