Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bros Don't Let Bros Bong Alone

As easy as it is to make fun of this, I'd really only be doing it because I'm 13 years removed from college. I'm old and bitter. Were I still young and...sweet...*cough* I'd probably be throwing money at whichever of my friends was suggesting we order one.

From the Bro Bong Kickstarter page:
Introducing the first ever beer bong holder that hangs on a typical door way. Just slip in any regular beer bong into the holders, pour your beverage of choice into the funnel, and race up to three people to see who’s the fastest. Change the way you look at doing beer bongs and once you try our Bro Bong you’ll never want to use a regular one again. The Bro Bong will be sure to make for one of the best nights you'll never remember.

Designed to be easily installed on any door frame without the use of tools or hardware, take the Bro Bong with you to parties or just hang it on any door in your house. Built in L.E.D lights turn on with a push of a button for hours of fun. Beer bongs slip right in and out of the hanger for easy cleanup and also have a built in shut-off valve so everyone can start at the same time.

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