Thursday, October 31, 2013

She Got Game

I've always been kind of "meh" on the topic of Flip Cup. Beer pong? I'm game, 24-7. Card games? Shuffle up and deal, bitches. But Flip Cup... Sometimes I'm tuned up on a healthy diet of beer and shots, and when Flip Cup starts, I'm in. Other times, I chuck the deuce and find something more interesting.

But, if—IF—the twerking element becomes a Flip Cup mainstay, I'm in. All in. Let's flip it up.

(FYI: If you're one of the ladies from these gifs, or you think you can top them, find my email address pronto.)

1 comment:

david wagner said...

very funny to see this post because it's so interesting when i visit your blog indeed bunch of people are plating with flip cup beer pong game