Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not Tight with his Ends

Rob Gronkowski's "bro-ness" ain't never been on trial. There's a new entry on my bucket list: "rage in a Vegas club with Gronk".

From Busted Coverage:
Thanks to a Vegas tipster, we now know that Rob Gronkowski’s bar bill at XS at Encore on Super Bowl Sunday was $9,615. This is the tab from the same night when our hero slammed his buddy on the XS stage, which led to a video on TMZ and concern from Boston media types.

As you can see, Gronk and his team went hard on the Grey Goose, champagne, 14 Fiji waters ($11 bottles of water!) and someone slumming it with the $16 Crown Royals. We also see a $700 bottle of Beau Joie, a champagne that made its world debut, in Vegas, back in 2010; those retail for $125-135.
If this night didn't end in a drunken orgy with cocktail waitresses in an Encore villa, where one of his boys fucks while still wearing his entire suit, I'd be shocked.