Monday, July 19, 2010

Poppin' Bottles

Suddenly, being an oceanic explorer is sounding like a fun job. I'm starting to wish I'd paid more attention in high school science class.

From The Washington Post:
Divers have discovered what is thought to be the world's oldest drinkable champagne in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea, one of the finders said Saturday. They tasted the one bottle they've brought up so far before they even got back to shore.

Diving instructor Christian Ekstrom said the bottles are believed to be from the 1780s and likely were part of a cargo destined for Russia. The nationality of the sunken ship has not yet been determined.

You've got to admire that enthusiasm. How many of you, if given a bottle of liquid that was just found at the bottom of the ocean, would pour yourself a glass before you even got back to shore?

Well, then again, if you're true "On the Rocks" fans, I'm sure you would've had the inside of the bottle dry before the outside of it was.

If you're thinking of purchasing one of these deep-sea VSOPs, you'd better have deep pockets. Early estimates put the price of a single bottle at around $70,000. At that price, Olivia Munn better be serving it to me by pouring it off of Emmanuelle Chriqui's thighs. (Yeah, I said it.)

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