Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Wedding Bliss

I got wrapped up in the top-ten list, and didn’t get a chance to tell some of the better random stories from the Saturday that was.
  • Among the “talent”-laden field was a slender brunette (SB) with curly hair and a younger look to her. She was cute (my opinion contrasts with some of my female friends, who thought she was “really hot”), and dressed rather conservatively—for the ceremony. After checking into the hotel, though, she made a wardrobe change and walked into the reception lobby wearing a skintight so- short-you-have-to-pull- it-back-down-when- getting-up-from-your-seat-to-keep-from-flashing-your-panties- to-the-entire-gathering black sequin dress. Another guy and I noticed her and complimented her (to ourselves) on her choice of attire, and were quickly reprimanded by my date for “checking out an underage girl.” I countered that she wasn’t underage, and the seeds of debate were sewn.
    As fate would have it, SB was seated a table over from ours at dinner. Eventually I heard Bucket and his girlfriend involved in a discussion about her age, which had spread amongst the couples on that half of the table. Several people felt she was around 16; a couple of guys and I contested this, saying she was easily 19 or 20. The issue remained a hot topic well into the night. I finally took it upon myself to ask Bill about her during the after party at the bar, because we figured that she was related to him. But, in fact, she was a cousin of Stacy’s. So Bill called over Jesse, another of Stacy’s cousins, for an official answer. And while I felt vindicated to find out that SB was actually 19, I still had no designs on her. When you’re surrounded by hot 25-28 yr olds, who cares about a 19 yr old? The debate over her age was enough to scare Jesse, however, who spent the rest of his night standing next to SB, guarding her “innocence.”
  • One of the bartenders for the reception was a hot little blonde chick, who bubbled with personality. When we asked for shots, she informed us that, since the alcohol wasn’t being served in an actual bar (she and her colleague were set up in the reception hall’s lobby), she wasn’t allowed to pour shots. The hotel’s workaround, then, was to add an ice cube or two to each glass; this made them “small drinks” instead of “shots.” Hot Bartender argued, though, that the rule was silly, because now people were in danger of choking on ice. And every time we would do a round of shots, she’d ask—with a twinkle in her eye—if anyone was choking.
    Me: “I think you actually want me to choke.”
    Her: *smiling* “Well, yeah.”
    Me: “That’s so hot.”
  • I was talking to someone at the reception when a bridesmaid came up from behind me. She had started to put her arm around my waist, but stopped, saying “You’re not my boyfriend!” Apparently, the back of his head and mine look similar. A little later I was at the bar doing a shot with her boyfriend, and she walked over and pinched both of our butts at the same time, saying, “Two for one!”
  • At the after party, I was talking to two friends when two cute girls walked past.
    Friend 1: “Look at them!”
    Friend 2: “They’re underage, man.”
    Me: “Yeah, they definitely ain’t 18.”
    Friend 1: “Let’s ask them. *motioning for me to follow him* Come on.”
    I agreed to go along with him, because I could already sense that comedy would be had. Catching up to the two of them, he called out, “Excuse me! How old are you?”
    Without flinching, Cute Girl 1 announced, “Oh, we’re young!”
  • Tony, his date, my date, and I all went to Eat'n Park for breakfast the next morning. While trying to repair ourselves with eggs, bacon, and hash browns, the following exchange took place. We had gotten onto the subject of ethnicities, and Tony’s date was still feeling the effects of her boozing:
    Tony: “What are you?”
    My Date: “Italian and German. But the German side is actually part Austrian, too.”
    Tony’s Date: “Wait, you’re Austrian? You mean, like, from Australia?”

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